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  1. Aasif Ali (verified owner)

    Exam is not hard, I scored 80% and now looking for an online interview.

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  2. Ali (verified owner)

    I recently took a practice test on this website and was really impressed by how closely the questions resembled the actual test and scored 64%. I’ll prepare more and will definitely apply again to work with skfreelancers professionals and grow my freelancing career.

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  3. Malik Javed (verified owner)

    Completed my exam within 50 minutes and scored 76% and qualified.

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  4. Yasir Khan (verified owner)

    Qualified with 79% aggregate. Found some questions out of topic but easy to answer.

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  5. Hameed Abdul (verified owner)

    Not bad but I wish had another free chance to give test.

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  6. Aazim Khan (verified owner)

    Excited to take this opportunity

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  7. Farah Rajput (verified owner)

    Interested to take this opportunity and join it as data entry operator.

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  8. Umer Talha (verified owner)

    Excited to join it as a data entry operator.

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  9. Zubair Khan (verified owner)

    Interested to join it as a part-time data entry operator. Exam enrolled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  10. Mobeen Abbasi (verified owner)

    successfully completed the exam without any issue.

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  11. Haniya Ahmed (verified owner)

    No issue was found with the exam.

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  12. Sehrish Jabeen (verified owner)


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  13. Kiran Zaffar (verified owner)

    I highly recommend joining this outstanding community for all newbies. Not only will you learn from professionals, but the company also offers valuable paid internships to help freshers gain experience in professional fields.

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  14. Danial Muneer (verified owner)

    Finished my exam within 50 minutes. Was easy!

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  15. Rida Naqvi (verified owner)

    Just enrolled and waiting for the test email.

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